Monday, December 13, 2010

Hill Family

I met Casey Hill last summer after networking through our istockphoto portfolios. We had a blast doing a shoot together during the summer which can be found here. Finally I was able to meet the rest of his really cool family who all did an excellent job in front of my lens despite the windy cold day it was.
Thank you guys, you're one awesome family! :)

HIll Family-4717

HIll Family-4723

HIll Family-4783

HIll Family-4791

HIll Family-4803

HIll Family-4815

HIll Family-4819

HIll Family-4846

HIll Family-4885

HIll Family-4908

HIll Family-4921

HIll Family-4922

HIll Family-4959

HIll Family-4966

HIll Family-4980

HIll Family-4990

HIll Family-4995

HIll Family-4997

HIll Family-5012

HIll Family-5031

HIll Family-5037

HIll Family-5039

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