Sunday, July 11, 2010

Early Morning iStock shoot.

Yesterday Moriah and I met up with a local iStocker friend of mine to do a shoot for iStock. He brought his son along for a second model. It worked out great having two models, and for a 5 year old he was really easy to work with. We planed the shoot for 7:00am at sauvie island Oregon having an idea of fields in mind. When we got there it was a bit over cast which makes for nice even light, and basically just drove around a bit, stopping and shooting at different locations. But the big highlight of the shoot for me was THE MOST A-M-A-Z-I-N-G wheat field ever! We rocked it like it was an ACDC concert. That's how radtastic it was! Twas a good day of shooting (this was the first of three shoots yesterday for me)

istock shoot-5645

istock shoot-5658

istock shoot-5666

istock shoot-5680

istock shoot-5687

istock shoot-5692

istock shoot-5744

istock shoot-5763

istock shoot-5791

istock shoot-5792

istock shoot-5801

istock shoot-5804

istock shoot-5810

istock shoot-5815

istock shoot-5859

istock shoot-5811

istock shoot-5826

istock shoot-5846

istock shoot-5906

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