Friday, July 9, 2010

The things you find at goodwill

Last week I was out looking at antique stores with a friend in Sellwood. We didn't find much at the over priced stores but stopped at Goodwill while returning home. I would have to say that my fondness for antiques started with my typewriter collection but since then it has grown to more than just typewriters. At Goodwill I picked up this 1970s Sylvania stereo console that includes an 8 track tape player (that doesn't work) turn table (I had to order a new needle for it, but now it works wonders) and a radio. It looks really cool in my room and is just pure awesome! My dad was even nice enough to share part of his record collection with me while I find some of my own. So begins the collecting of vinyl. :)

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Chrissy said...

My FIL'S 8 track still works! lol...My parents had a console almost like that... 60's style...they still have it.