Thursday, April 28, 2011

Trying new things - with film

Back in 2006 was when I got my first camera. It was an old 35mm film SLR, after shooting with it for about a year I upgraded to my first digital SLR camera. Now, as I've been experimenting and playing around with film in a little more depth, I went back to that first 35mm camera and recently shot a roll of Ilford Delta black and white film (for all you technical people who are curious to know what type of film this is), Which, shooting black and white film in this camera was kind of a big deal to me because, I have never shot black and white film with it before, despite having it for many years. Normally, when you get 36 exposures on a roll, you're lucky if 10 of those turn out well. Well I am really pleased with this roll, and here are a few of my favorite shots. Enjoy!


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