Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hana's portraits! (w/ the 70-200)

This was the first real portrait test/shoot with the new lens. I am really impressed with the sharpness and clarity of this lens. The colors are great too, and having awesome detail is always a plus :) I love the soft background blur/shallow DOF in provides. I was actually hoping the bokeh would be better, but with the post below (B&W Kiss) I really like the bokeh in the top right corner, I think it is very decent for f/4. I am looking forward to shooting more portraits with this lens!


emily said...

they came out really nice :]

NP said...

Yeah this bokeh is definitely different than your 85mm. With your 85 it's like: out of focus! BOOM! IN FOCUS! out of focus!

With this lens it's more like: ...out of focus ... in focus ... out of focus. But the background blur is pretty similar as far as I can tell. Nice shots man!