Friday, April 30, 2010

Last post for April

Yep. More typewriters. My Underwood no. 5 went to the typewriter doctors office a few days after it's first appearance on my blog found here. At the typewriter doctors office (otherwise known as my grandpa's work shop) I cleaned it up and restored it to working condition. During it's operation I acquired two more of these wonderful writing machines from the past; an Olympia M9 from the 1970s and a standard portable Underwood typewriter from the 1930s. Also in this post- a vintage telephone that I believe my mom picked up at a garage sale a few years back. It was seriously calling out "take my picture, take my picture" so I did. :) Oh the randomness of collecting such items! (now my room, which is where I am storing all of these antiques, smells like an antique shop :)

Keys of a typewriter

1970s typewriter (ready to type on)

"The Last One"

where Microsoft Word came from

hardwood floor typewriter


Vintage Telephone

Vintage Telephone

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Anonymous said...

Hi! The telephone looks like a vessel of calm with a touch of austerity. I love it.

I have a Depression-era Royal from 1932: