Monday, May 30, 2011

Sam and Sabrina Wedding (sneak peek)

This just happened, and it blew my mind!

Get ready for mind blowingness





Monday, May 23, 2011

Hawthonre with Katie

Yesterday I didn't have anything planed on my schedule, until Katie and I decided to get together for coffee on Hawthorne. We went to the Fresh Pot (which is right inside of Powells) and talked. Later we ventured out to explore the surrounding area and found some awesomely boss places to take photos at. Eventually we were joined by our friend Brandon who posed for a few photos too, and finally Moriah found us inside House of Vintage. I enjoyed a delightful afternoon with my friends on Hawthorne and I'm glad I had some film and a camera to document our adventurous time spent together. :)

The wrap up

I wanted to make a post of images that I've either finished wrapping up on different shoots, or simply pictures that I from this month and last that I haven't gotten around to posting. Also I haven't shot a whole lot these last few weeks seeing as finals were last week at school. But now I am on summer vacation and have more time to spend behind the camera. This upcoming weekend, I am photographing a wedding at the Mcmenamins Grand Lodge, so I will have quite the pocket full of pictures after that.
 Awkward family photo on Easter

Monday, May 9, 2011

Adonijah Band Promos

I met the guys from Adonijah at a local concert back in March, and we really it it off well since then. This is my first time ever doing band promo shots but I loved everything about it. To compare it to something I'm a little more familiar with, it's kind of like doing groomsmen shots for weddings, except much more causal. These guys were all super laid back and really easy going. It is always exciting getting to work with such cool people and make new connections to a new client base.

Check them out and come to one of their shows!