Friday, August 26, 2011

On vacation: Santa Cruz Boardwalk on film

Last week my family and I went down to see friends in California for a week. My parents grew up in Silicon Vally so we went to reconnect with old friends. We took a full day to visit the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and enjoy the California beach. We road the roller coaster, ate cotton candy, chilled on the beach and even saw a REAL MERMAID! Groovy baby yeah! It was a fabulous day of just relaxing and taking it easy. These are the shots that came out well on film. I shot a roll of Kodak ektachrome slide film that expired in 2001.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Josh and Caroline Engagement Session

When I first met Josh and Caroline, it was at Caroline's brother Nate's wedding (see here). Nate's wedding was in LA and I didn't know that Caroline and Josh would be on the same flight as me since they're from Portland too. It was cool getting to connect with them throughout our trip and be on the same round trip flight as them. We didn't even plan to be flying together when we booked our tickets.
Anyway after the trip, we connect up here in Portland and when Caroline suggested that we do their E-session photos at Stumptown Coffee, I got really excited because I love Stumptown and knew that it would be a fun way to do a photo shoot. We were hit with loads of "sexy summer light" and enjoyed getting to walk around Division and Hawthorne together. I'm excited to be photographing their wedding in December and am blessed that our paths crossed in such an unexpected way. Sometimes those unexpected encounters are the ones that are specifically placed into our lives for good reason. Josh and Caroline, I'm super glad we met and I'm looking forward to many more encounters with you!

Coming Soon!

Chris and Samae's Wedding, August 13th, 2011
Hood River Oregon.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nate and Stephanie Wedding - July second 2011 in Los Angeles

As Nate might say "this was a pretty cozy day", which in fact it was. Cozy would be the overly-simplistic way to describe this amazingly beautiful joy filled day. Nate and Stephanie are lovely love-giving people and their guests and family were all so kind. Joy was the center piece of their wedding. Nate has been a radically amazing friend since I was in junior high. It was he who helped me stand on my own two feet with photography when still starting out and has been able to give me advice and wisdom all the times through. I knew Stephanie was perfect for Nate after I first met her, and then Nate couldn't stop talking to me about her. I am so blessed to have Nate and Stephanie in my life. They truly are some of the most generous and humble people I know.