Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Sunset

Last night I headed out for Crown Point in the gorge with a group of friends. After the 25min or so drive east from Portland, I found the sun setting behind a cloudscape and my photog senses were going crazy. There was so much I wanted to shoot and limited light left in the day. These few photos are some of my favorites which ended up being the first ones I edited too. The first one of a classic red car was extremely underexposed by accident, and there is only so much shadow recovery one can do before the image loses quality. So this is about as bright as I can get the image while keeping most of the quality in tacked.

Happy start of summer everyone!  
Classic red car taking an evening drive

Crown Point

Crown Point

Crown Point
Lone sunset person

Crown Point

Friday, June 17, 2011

Recent film photos

Today I had a ton of film handed back to me and I am very happy with many of the results. Here are some of my favorites from three different rolls of film from May and June.

Happy Friday everybody!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nick's Senior Awesomeographs

Coming soon...

The Henderson Family

I did a portrait shoot for the Hendersons last month up in Washougal Washington and we all had a great time. We knew going into it that there was a high chance for rain, so I suggested that they bring umbrellas. Luckily there was no real need for them other than being a good prop in some pictures.
I photographed Chani and Kacey's wedding back in February. It always makes me happy when my clients are so pleased with their photos that they book a second shoot. Yay for happy returning customers!