Monday, January 19, 2009

Gretchen and Krystal -Day 346 of 365.

I met Gretchen and Krystal on Mt. Tabor when I was taking a walk through the park. I went out with the goal to take portraits of someone, though everyone else (friends and family) were busy.
I had a great time meeting new faces and getting portraits of two wonderful people.

Thanks Gretchen and Krystal. =)


Nick Peckover said...

Awesome. I love the first one of them in the tree. The focus is so amazing on the b&w. Great lighting; did you plan that?

Unknown said...

Thanks. Nope we did not plan anything. I was up on Mt. tabor all by my little self, and really had the urge to take portraits. They came walking along and I said "hello, I'm Tim and I'm a photographer. Could I take some portraits of you?"
That's all. =)

Unknown said...

Oh by the way, these were with my 85mm so that's why the focus is so "amazing". I call it just really sharp.
L.O.L :)

Brian said...

These are super! I so have the urge to go try that now. :)