Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hayashi Family

I did a shoot recently with the Hayashi family. They are a great family and we all had a blast during our shoot. We actually called the shoot off once (maybe even twice) that day due to on and off showers. But we were lucky and didn't get rained out and proceeded with doing photos that day.

Thanks Hayashi Family, you guys were wonderful to work with! :)

Hayashi preview-1121

Hayashi preview-1265

Hayashi preview-1290

Hayashi preview-1213

Julie and Family-1157

Julie and Family-1174

Julie and Family-1198

Hayashi preview-1178

Hayashi preview-1249

Hayashi preview-1239

Hayashi preview-1312

Hayashi preview-1327

Hayashi preview-1420

Hayashi preview-1436

Hayashi preview-1469

Hayashi preview-1477

1 comment:

Kalei's Best Friend said...

Fab photos as always..Hayashi? I was expecting a bit of Asian somewhere...Would it be the grand dad? (bald dude?)just askin' cuz i'm Asian..:-)