Saturday, December 11, 2010

1940s Themed Secretary Shoot

Moriah and I have had this idea in our creative little minds for sometime now, to do a cute 1940s secretary shoot. Yesterday was the day we finally got to extract it and play it out. Our lovely friend Katie joined us as a model for the shoot, in addition to our photographer friend Brandon who snapped a few pictures as well. We spent the afternoon getting ready and probably a good two hours shooting. Afterward we walked away having loads of fun and edgy images to work with. It was a totally successful shoot indeed! :D
1940s secretary-5415

1940s secretary-5424

1940s secretary-5439

1940s secretary-5444

1940s secretary-5462

1940s secretary-5465

1940s secretary-5471

1940s secretary-5474

1940s secretary-5483

1940s secretary-5483-2

1940s secretary-5499

1940s secretary-5501

1940s secretary-5504

1940s secretary-5538

1940s secretary-5539

1940s secretary-5558

1940s secretary-5559

1940s secretary-5567

1940s secretary-5568

1940s secretary-5585

1940s secretary-5589

1940s secretary-5604

And the lighting set up shot...

1940s secretary shoot-BTS Strobist set up
Thanks Brandon, Moriah and Katie for helping me display my vision of this. :)

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Kalei's Best Friend said...

U nailed it in the b&ws' wow... nice and rich like the old time ones.